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The Story of Cowbell Fever

Cowbell Fever does more than allow you to play the cowbell to your favorite songs. It tells a story. This story is a classic tale of a man from a small town who goes on a journey and realizes his true calling. The story takes place during the Summer of 1967 where our Hero journeys to San Francisco to become part of a music revolution. The story is presented like an animated comic book via cutscenes between each song. The song themes closely match what is happening in the story.

Along his journey our Hero experiences visions in the desert and learns his purpose in life from the Gods of Rock n’ Roll, he defends the girl of his dreams in a disco club showdown, and he takes on Death himself playing along side the Gods on a massive stage in the sky.

Once completing the Story Mode in the game you unlock an option to play the cutscenes by themselves and skip between chapters. The story features over 30 minutes of full screen animation so it is like watching a full length cartoon in game.

The story begins with these words by the Narrator:

Since the dawn of time the cowbell has been an essential part of our world. Early man saw its shape in stone and both worshipped and feared it. The Mayan priests believed it had healing powers and built temples in its honor. But as ancient civilizations crumbled the true purpose of the cowbell became lost. Modern man used it only as a means to keep track of cattle.

During the Summer of 1967 war and civil rights were on everybody’s mind but peace, love and rock n’ roll were in their hearts. In San Francisco the music scene was exploding. Guitars were getting louder and more distorted. Bands were experimenting with new sounds and substances. One sound in particular started to emerge. What was once a faint clank in the background became a prominent instrument of the time, the secret weapon a band would use to take their songs to the next level. Like bacon bits on a salad, the cowbell proved to be the key to making a song extraordinary. The cowbell soon became a rock n’ roll staple, and one man stood out as the champion of this sound. He played with the ferocity of a wild animal and precision of a surgeon, boldly taking cowbell where nobody has gone before.

This is his story…