Wizard World Nashville Comic Con 2015

Wizard World Comic Con Nashville 2015

David Corrigan was invited to be on the “Career in Video Games” panel at Wizard World Comic Con in Nashville 2015. We discuss what inspired us to become involved in gaming, what opportunities are out there, challenges in working in games, and best advice for pursuing a career in gaming.

*Thanks to Merlus15 for filming the panel and posting it to YouTube.

Panel Description

As one of the fastest evolving industries we’ve seen to date, find out what to expect when seeking a career in gaming, and get exclusive tips and tricks for landing the job you’re most passionate about. Hear from Genese Davis (The Holder’s Dominion; MMORPG.com), Elonka Dunin (Black Gate Games), and David Corrigan (Digital Hero Games) as they discuss the opportunities as well as the challenges.

Wizard World Nashville Comic Con 2015