The latest update is out for Cowbell Fever. Download the 1.3 update to get the latest fixes and improvements.

You will notice that “Cowbell Hero” has now been renamed to “Cowbell Fever HD” in the App Store. Similarly “Cowbell Hero Jams” has been renamed to “Cowbell Jams”. We were asked to stop using the “Hero” name.

It is the same great game with all the licensed and original music. Only the name has changed.

The other important update in version 1.3 fixes the elusive bug some people have encountered while the game loads. That is finally fixed for good. We are not aware of any other bugs or issues with the game.

The Playstation Vita version is also being worked on. We are looking at Summer 2014 for that to be completed.

So download the update now on the App Store and keep on Rockin’.

Purchase Cowbell Fever from iTunes