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Tiny Grave Strategy

There is actually quite a bit of strategy to a high scoring game of Tiny Grave. The game starts off really easy to get you warmed up. However you will find that completing the story mode requires careful use of special items and knowing how to maximize your points. This page will give you some tips and a few tricks to get you on your way to a high score.


The first thing to master is the “swipe move” to swap two blocks. There are two ways to swap blocks in Tiny Grave. You can touch the first block, take your finger off the screen, and then touch the adjacent block. That is the easiest way, but it is also the slowest. The second way to swap blocks is to “swipe” your finger across both blocks. Touch the first block and slide your finger slightly in the direction of the second block. Try not to slide too far past the second block. You only have to slide your finger a short distance. Once you get the hang of swiping across the two blocks you will find you can get matches a lot faster. This will come in handy on the later levels that are timed.

Helpful Items

Alchemist Fire will destroy all similar parts on the screen.

Green Acid will dissolve the body parts within a square area of the screen.

Free Moves are used automatically when you make a move that doesn’t result in a match.

Earning Special Items

There are three special items you can earn in Tiny Grave. Free Moves, Alchemist’s Fire Potions, and Green Acid Potions. You already know what they do when you use them, but you may not know how extra ones are earned.

  • Free Moves are earned every 5000 points.
  • Alchemist’s Fire is earned over time when you get big combos. If you get a match with two different body parts, for example three hearts and three skulls, that will count towards an extra potion. You need 5 matches like this to get an extra potion.
  • Green Acid is earned in a similar way. If you get a match with more than three body parts, for example 4 hearts, that will count towards an extra potion. Once again 5 matches are required to earn the potion.
  • In General you will earn more Green Acid than Alchemist’s Fire.
  • Level 1

    The first level is very easy. There is a tendency to just blow through it quickly. But with careful planning you can earn a lot of extra items on this level. Instead of quickly going for the first match you find look for a chance to get either a big match or to unleash a chain combo. A match of more than three parts will count towards an extra potion, and high scoring chain combos will earn you extra free moves. It is possible to get over 5,000 points on a good chain combo.

    Levels 2-4

    The strategy for the next three levels is similar to the first, but you will find less easy matches as you go. There isn’t a timer running yet so look for chances to maximize your score. Use the special items only when you can’t find another match. You will need them for later.

    Levels 5-8

    In Chapter 2 Eyegore is in a hurry to clean up the mess he made by spilling body parts outside the castle. So you will also be in a hurry to get your matches before the timer runs out. Use the swipe motion to make faster matches. If you start taking too long to find a match go ahead and use a special potion. You don’t have a lot of extra time to find matches on these levels.

    Levels 9-12

    In Chapter 3 Eyegore is finding suitable parts to build their monster. The goal is to get the “special” glowing body parts down to the bottom of the screen to collect them. The special items come in very handy on these levels. The Alchemist’s Fire is a great way to quickly reach your goal on the number of parts matched. It will destroy all similar parts on the screen. Once the special parts appear on the screen the Green Acid can be helpful getting that part to the bottom by blowing away everything below it. You can also use Free Moves to move the special part down one row at a time. **Trick** On levels 9 and 10 you have the ability to earn extra potions. The level will not end until the special parts are collected so you can leave them on the screen and keep making matches. You can spend a lot of extra time on these levels and replenish your special items to help you finish the game. It just gets harder from here.

    Levels 13-16

    The Doctor hears a storm rolling in and wants to use its lightning to bring the monster to life. Eyegore is now in a hurry to finish finding the rest of the special parts and get the monster assembled. These levels play like the previous 4 but with a timer running it becomes more difficult. You will need to use Alchemist’s Fire to quickly get the number of required matches, and Green Acid and Free Moves to collect the parts. Watch the timer. If you aren’t pacing good start blowing parts away to get through.

    Level 17

    In Chapter 4 the Monster is being assembled. Luckily there isn’t a timer on this level, but it is still difficult. You have to put all of the parts into place by collecting all the special parts over again one after another. It is hard to get matches on this level so you will need to be smart on using potions to get you through it. Use a potion when there aren’t any matches and good luck!