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The Story of Tiny Grave

At the edge of town lies a mysterious castle. A doctor and his assistant are the only know inhabitants, and they haven’t been seen in years. The people from town avoid the place. Those that dare to wonder close by have witnessed strange activities. The sounds of machinery, crackle of electricity, and the smells of strange chemicals ooze from its walls. Only the doctor and his assistant know the castle’s secrets.


The Doctor lives in an old castle at the edge of town. He has spent years hidden away in his castle doing experiments and research on the dead. He is determined to create a monster and bring him to life.

Eyegore is the Doc’s trusted assistant. He is responsible for gathering up the body parts needed to create the Doc’s monster.

Frank is the Doc’s creation. Through extensive research and experimentation the Doc has finally perfected his method to reanimate the dead.


Eyegore in Story Mode
Doc in Story Mode